Sunday, January 31, 2016

Calm and Creative

The other day I took a walk in and along the woods it's fascinating to see the different types of foliage attached to the trees. The wind was blowing through the trees I could hear the creaking sounds of every limb. How I love it, it's like music in the wind.

The sky was... oh so a spring day it was warmer than usual. We have been blessed with a calm winter.

I thought of February and ground hog day, what the little bugger will do..I saw my shadow to the ground hog it would mean 6 more weeks of winter.

I found myself just gazing at the trees and the backdrop of blues.

The birds landing on the neighbors feeder watched me carefully as I snapped a photo.

Hidden in the trees colorful little ones trying to hide as if to say...go away I want to eat...keeping his eyes focused on me.

Even this little guy fled from the bird feeder to hide in the trees.

I came across this little guy...there are so many squirrel it seems doesn't it? 

As I set the camera to photograph this became a bit of a stare off...with this magnificent creature of nature. 

In the course of the day of photographing...this one became the most unusual. My little bunny, Bo, came near me as I aimed the camera and capture his picture...oddly enough...I don't know how this happened and couldn't produce it again if I tried...where is Bo's head...I have no idea. It is a wild image. On the creative end I am still knitting socks as I told my daughter I am a knitting sock fool. It's so much fun I just keep knitting and knitting away. I truly never would have thought knitting socks would be so calming and addictive....I am learning to make more knitting patterns of my own. I found a really cool aged device in my collections of knitting items over the years. So far, I am really beginning to understand the process and it feels good to have it all finally make sense.

Monday, January 18, 2016

MisMatched Knitting

The weather has changed and is so conducive for knitting, although, I am not fond of this cold, crazy, weather that has us now walking outside bundled up like a well wrapped burrito. I think I'm hungry...note to self eat when finished posting. LOL! I often wonder why I still stay in this bizarre weather going from one season to another...the gloomy winter days. Yet, I still find myself here I suppose its the delightful feeling one gets when spring arrives. So I must stop complaining and enjoy the fact I can knit in the comfort of a warm home without having to run outside and check the garden. So much to do outside in the warm season kntting tends to get left stagnate, needles lying there wondering why there are collecting dust. I am not much of a knitter in the warmer seasons. I just don't like the feel of the yarn in my hands on warmer days. So be it I still love to knit!
Of course, when a pair of socks knit into a miss-matched pair of why did this happen question, then I think okay all that work and they don't match. Same die lot, same yarn and this is what happens. So I am knitting one more to see what I end up best if one disappears in the laundry (which happens and no one can explain it yet) at least I will have an extra.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Knitting Continues

Today is the kind of day for sitting by the wood burner catching a glimpse of the flames and knitting socks. I have finished one and now working the other. Most people do socks on circular needles working both at the same time, I prefer the double pointed needles. Sock Syndrome which is what happens to many after completing one sock, the desire to do the other seems to halt. I enjoy making socks so I am fine doing one at a time. I can not tell one the joy I have found in this knitting of socks. Strange as it may seem I find it relaxing and fun at the same time. A new found love of knitting for  me. I am not a winter baby, don't enjoy winter sports other than I do so love football and look forward to the playoffs and the Super Bowl. I am also looking forward to knitting while watching the Alabama College Game. I plan to make knitting and learning new ways and patterns a big part of this year. I also plan on trying to find a place or spot for photographing my work. This winter has been rather kind to us with no snow and warmer temps until this year. I am grateful for the calmer winter opposed to the past two winters which were brutal. With my children all grown and raising their own children the house is quiet with exceptions of Bo Bunny and Bella the cat. Both are pretty quiet pets in fact right now (as I call them my children) they are sleeping. I truly enjoy the quiet, yet, the sounds of all the little things I hear in the house... I never paid much attention to when my children where still living at home. It's rather new found sounds I've never heard before, and it's nice, I enjoy discovering new things everyday. What a blessing it is to be able to have all six senses in tack. I am so very grateful.
Thank you for stopping by...stay warm and as always knit or crochet which ever you prefer <3

Monday, January 4, 2016

Knitted Socks Tah Dah!!

Happy New Year all...
I am sure everyone is tired of hearing that and are settling in to the New Year. I plan on working more with yarn and trying new knitting patterns, and new techniques I've never done before this socks. This is my first pair ever, and I loved making them so much so I've already completed another pair, and working on a few pairs for my daughter. Again these are the Bernat pattern which wasn't to bad and I quite like the way they turned out. I did change a few things on the pattern after I knitted a single practice sock. I always do that when I knit something, first I check my gauge. I knit rather loosely, so I go down a needle size first to check the gauge, and I'm usually spot on with it...I also changed the ribbing on the second sock which I like a lot better. As far as socks go they were easy and are quite comfy. This is Red Heart yarn Heart & Sole, although it fit nicely I am not real fond of the yarn. It is fingering and is light weight as far as socks go, not real thick, or heavy. In all, I am satisfied with this pattern it worked ankle to toe...I plan on doing the toe up to see which way I prefer to knit socks. I hope you do try them if you've never knitted a sock there is a fantastic tutorial that will guide you all the way.

Happy Knitting this year!