Sunday, January 31, 2016

Calm and Creative

The other day I took a walk in and along the woods it's fascinating to see the different types of foliage attached to the trees. The wind was blowing through the trees I could hear the creaking sounds of every limb. How I love it, it's like music in the wind.

The sky was... oh so a spring day it was warmer than usual. We have been blessed with a calm winter.

I thought of February and ground hog day, what the little bugger will do..I saw my shadow to the ground hog it would mean 6 more weeks of winter.

I found myself just gazing at the trees and the backdrop of blues.

The birds landing on the neighbors feeder watched me carefully as I snapped a photo.

Hidden in the trees colorful little ones trying to hide as if to say...go away I want to eat...keeping his eyes focused on me.

Even this little guy fled from the bird feeder to hide in the trees.

I came across this little guy...there are so many squirrel it seems doesn't it? 

As I set the camera to photograph this became a bit of a stare off...with this magnificent creature of nature. 

In the course of the day of photographing...this one became the most unusual. My little bunny, Bo, came near me as I aimed the camera and capture his picture...oddly enough...I don't know how this happened and couldn't produce it again if I tried...where is Bo's head...I have no idea. It is a wild image. On the creative end I am still knitting socks as I told my daughter I am a knitting sock fool. It's so much fun I just keep knitting and knitting away. I truly never would have thought knitting socks would be so calming and addictive....I am learning to make more knitting patterns of my own. I found a really cool aged device in my collections of knitting items over the years. So far, I am really beginning to understand the process and it feels good to have it all finally make sense.

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