Monday, April 18, 2016

Tiered Toddler Knitted Coat Update

Good Morning all...that is if you're in the United States...I am updating more of the toddler coat I've been knitting. Managed to get the sleeves done over the was so nice outside I even mowed the lawn.  Amazing how the weather can affect your moods...I think next winter I'm going add murals of spring to all my windows, buy a couple birds, keep the heat up so it feels like summer. Wonder if this would really work, hmm, yes I would be one to try it...should it happen surely I will post. So the sweater was so easy and quick Emma (my grand daughter) is coming over this week to see if the yarn and gauge to match is a true 4T I am so hoping. The photographs arg, inside light at night just is not true to colors especially reds...the color is closest to the next photograph. When it's completed hanging it outside to photo. 

 I will knit another in the recommended expensive yarn if this yarn is not giving me a true size 4T...I realize the better the yarn the better the stitch definition and fitting of garment...yet knitting for a toddler think of expensive yarn, not. I do try to come as close as possible. I am satisfied with the outcome, it's not finished yet, and yes the buttons are just laid on explaining the one on the wrong side. Blocking it today, then add a lining that coordinates with the buttons...and the makings of the hat. Now, what project to start and complete far I've kept my promise to myself to complete every project I begin before starting if I could only apply that to my home. 
I am just not the best at home organizing, although, I do know where every single thing is in the in my mind it's organized to suit me.
All information is on the red link above for the yarn used, pattern and back soon with  a photograph once it's truly completed.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tiered Baby and Toddler Coat Progress

Hello All....hope your day is going well...the weather has been sunny and beautiful it sure is nice to see spring colors. Nature renewing herself is my favorite time of year.
I've been working this Tiered Baby and Toddler Coat by Lisa Chemery using Lion Brand Heartland. It's not the best photograph was taken with my cell phone. It is a very easy pattern and can be altered if you're up on knitting, at least a bit experienced. I am considering a Video to walk anyone who would like to make this coat to follow along.  I am going to remake it using the Cascade 128 yarn suggested and see how it turns out. This weekend the coat itself will be completed as far as knitting, however, I purchased a coordinating fabric for a lining. I made this coat in a size 4 T on number 9 needles to get the proper gauge. As soon as it's complete I will photograph (even if the lining has not been added) to give you a bit of a Tah-Dah moment.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Coat for Emma

I have left socks briefly to start this lovely coat pattern ...well okay...I am going back and forth, socks are just way to fast, fun, delicious to fact... today more sock yarn is excited! Imagine excited  over yarn, I am over the top happily waiting for the mail to arrive. It's a bit colder this week, oh how I love it for knitting, plus it is raining..thundering I am drooling over the sound, so relaxing, calming, the rain pounding on the roof. Oh, mother nature, how nice it is that you are so changeable and good for the soul.

Reningote is the name of this amazing coat design by Nadia Cretin-Lechenne her Ravelry page is wonderful lots of really elegant, shawls, and sweaters, so much more...check it out you won't be disappointed. As for me, well, I will be crocheting to finish the blanket I am working on, and so happy still, I am finishing every project. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Sock Saga Continues....

Good morning, it's so much like spring right now it's hard to believe I am knitting socks, and, still smitten with them. Although spring has the grass green and trees sprouting leaves, in just a day, it will get cold and dreary. Mother Nature in the Spring and Fall is so fickle. Making it perfect to keep knitting along, so this gal is not complaining, by any means.

Actually these are more like footie socks which I have really grown to love, especially how they fit. They are so easy to knit, I did these while watching a night of "Love Comes Softly Series" by Michael Landon Jr. The series are heartfelt all set in the 19th century based on a series of books by Janette Oke.  I just fall in love every time I watch them, they lift the spirit, and settle the soul. I learn something new with every viewing that keeps me watching even more...the clothes, the simple life...and struggles of their own. A time when hand quilting, working yarn, cooking over the fireplace a true handmade meal with a simple place setting. I adore the warmth of heart in these kinds of films.

So the socks were knitted top down a totally different design, which I need to locate, so I can direct you to the pattern.  These are done using Paton's Kroy Sock Yarn and it is a dream to work with on the needles. The colors are amazing, some solids and others that are multi colored, in a variety of combinations. The pricing is well within my range and that's not bad at all. These are for my daughter and will be mailed and on there way as soon as I knit a couple more of them. The socks are lying on a baby blanket I've been crocheting, yes, I picked up the hook and really not liking it much at all. I am working a simple blanket in worsted weight left over yarns, cream color, will be adding a bit of silver blue. The stitch is a simple combination of single and double crochet. I will continue on until it's completed and speaking of completing. I have keep my vow to finish a project before going on to a new one. Yippy! 

Enjoy your day and keep on using those needles and hooks!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Relationship of Lies...

MY DEAR FRIEND KELLY, I write this to you... with a very different heart and clearer views. In 1990 I received a call from you, asking me to meet you at a restaurant on Route 250. We sat and caught up on our children and lives. Then you hit me with a question.." My husband is cheating with my brother's wife. My husband knows I know and now I don't know what to do." My dear friend, this is what I said.."if you can forgive him and more important live with it never mention it again...then yes." I apologize with a different but heavy heart. Women should for themselves STAND UP...and NOT SIT...when it comes to there own space take control of there own lives even in relationships. Just as we want Women to stand up in the work place and in this Country. I should have told you than to pack and run. Why, morals your morals are the highest of importance they impact your life when tampered with.. can change who you are in to many ways..and that is wrong. In return your trust compass is off and your future choices are not only a falsehood, but are growing roots of fear that everyone is the same.To tell anyone to stay with someone who cheated goes against every moral value a Woman has inside. We compromise trust and allow the lies, secrets, once emerge like roots from a tree (when found) to become a comfort zone to what we think is normal. It's not...a Women who stays with a cheater is saying " I have no morals nor do I have any value without them." And that my friend is not only a sign of weakness...its is a lie to yourself that will build a wall so huge you many never recover. Forgiveness to the cheater is off the table. Forgiveness of your own heart to move on is all that is required...lust of the heart, emotional love, physical love, etc... for another is so incredibly wrong on every moral changes the victim in far to many ways that can not be reversed. In the sub of the mind they are still there...imprinted forever if no action is taken. If this letter should change your decision now... I say... go with your heart and head held up high..knowing you can not change the can erase it with freedom to be true to yourself, morals and values. After all... this is what life is all about... a four letter word called Love...which involves all I have written. You are like every women in this Country... worth more than just winning rights in have the right to exercise all those values on to yourself. Your own personal power is just as precious as the power Women argue for in this County. You are valuable, you are worth every breathe you take..With all my love, Pamela. P.S. whenever your instincts tell you something is off or has changed about a person in a them...they are your Truth they exisit inside you for so many reasons... there to protect just you...instincts are your best and only true friend. If they tell you something is wrong, you feel a person is need to ask..once they arise you already know the answer...what you do with it is what matters the most. ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎cheating‬ ‪#‎relationships‬ ‪#‎cheaters‬‪#‎husband‬ ‪#‎wives‬ ‪#‎lies‬ ‪#‎secrets‬ ‪#‎womensrights‬

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Bit of This and That..

Hello young fellow...and to those who visit my blog. I thank you for popping in and apologize for not posting lately. I am a portrait photographer who knits and crochets, plus does some nature photography which landed me in the ER with an inner ear infection. Not the best kind to have by all means lends ones balance to be a bit shaky. I am finally moving around a bit and knitting, oh how I love the needles, yet, craving a bit of the hook lately too.

I am doing my very best to complete one project at a time, which started with my apartment, and came to a halt when the weather changed. This has me weaving in and out of sorts, around tubs and boxes, trying to store things I don't use and get organized. Not one of my favorite things, organizing I just don't like it, besides it doesn't stay that way for long and go figure it's just me now. I think how is this happening then I remember I love creating and that leads to messes. Which I don't have to clean up asap as I live by myself....ah, I love to do at my own pace.

 I am however still a bit crazy with the socks, it is so addicting, and so much fun! If you haven't tried it don't fear it's easier than one might think...isn't that beach just, WOW? It was warm that day yet a bit breezy and felt good just the same. I love the sound of the wind, the lake, the waves, the birds, it's all so relaxing, calmness for the soul.

I close my eyes and just listen as if blind, I want to hear what they do and more...I want to take it all in...every single splash.

Then a visitor stopped by for lunch...I was in blessed to be able to capture this moment a priceless moment indeed.

I watched as this Red Tail Hawk snagged his lunch and started to eat. So hungry he was I was able to sit within a foot and a half from him...rare it is...and so incredible to watch.

He didn't mind at all, although he did keep an eye on me at all times...I'm sure he feared I would grab his thanks..not a fan of raw fish!

I watched him for what seemed to be hours, yet sure it wasn't, just mesmerized captivated by his beauty.

Look at that...amazing isn't it? What nature gives us is truly extraordinary!

On the second day I took some feed to capture different types of birds...a titmouse. They love to take one seed at a time, fly away eat, and repeat. He stuck around for awhile.

This guy the red headed woodpecker...was more interested in the trees...the sound they make is like a thousand hammers hitting in's music to the ears.

Some say this guy, yes the male Cardinal is the pretty one as most males are in nature...when one pays a visit...someone from heaven is watching over you. Especially in your own backyard. 

On the second day, this shot out of all, was my favorite. Everything in nature was set up just perfect. A Blue Jay, a bird that is quite the nasty little fellow, he will steal eggs out of any nest. Yet at the same time he is gorgeous in his blue and white suit. 

At the end of the day I saw this feather and just had to photograph. Anyone who remembers the movie Forest Gump would know what he said about a feather..."I don't know if we each have a destiny, or if we're all just floating around accidentally, like on a breeze. Maybe it's both, maybe both are happening at the same time."
I do know for sure we are all a huge part of this planet, yet most don't see or for that acknowledge it, we just go about our day as if it's just another room a place to get from here to there...the problem...if we continue to not see that the dirt, the air, and the sun are a huge part of us, and we a part of it...we are going to continue to kill Mother Earth. Take notice how odd the weather has become, how growing veggies and flowers are dying off, sprouting too early.
It's like we are on a bus with a hundred people and about to hit a brick wall, (represent Mother Natures last chance for change) and everyone is fighitng over where they want to sit. As part of this planet, we all have a responsiblity to Mother Nature, to protect and nourish her for your children and their won't be long and it will be too late for all those children to come. Right now we are all just at a point where it's nearly too late. PLEASE take off your blinders and realize Mother Nature needs our help just as much as we have to rely, yes rely on her.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Raining Days for Knitting

I just photographed this an hour ago and the lighting is a simple light bulb. With the rain, it's a bit gloomy to photo shoot, yet I still like the way it shows the detail in the stitching.

I am currently closing the toe, and yes, I designed this all by myself. It took tons of times ripping it out, yet I didn't mind, as I watched LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) movie after movie...I love that about that channel and the movies are just awesome. I love a thrill ride and unexpected situations in a movie. A bit of romance at times I will turn on Lifetime Channel and it's cool for awhile, yet really, how much romance can one watch in 6 decades of life. Knowing full well the days of me being young and kissing a hard over...unless I randomly walk up to a younger man and plant one...while I would say, hell yes, he might be going.. um what!! Note to sell..this could be a really good thing to add to bucket list Ha Ha! I will be posting the pattern in easy to follow instructions.

Have a Blessed Day...and knit or crochet away!