Monday, January 4, 2016

Knitted Socks Tah Dah!!

Happy New Year all...
I am sure everyone is tired of hearing that and are settling in to the New Year. I plan on working more with yarn and trying new knitting patterns, and new techniques I've never done before this socks. This is my first pair ever, and I loved making them so much so I've already completed another pair, and working on a few pairs for my daughter. Again these are the Bernat pattern which wasn't to bad and I quite like the way they turned out. I did change a few things on the pattern after I knitted a single practice sock. I always do that when I knit something, first I check my gauge. I knit rather loosely, so I go down a needle size first to check the gauge, and I'm usually spot on with it...I also changed the ribbing on the second sock which I like a lot better. As far as socks go they were easy and are quite comfy. This is Red Heart yarn Heart & Sole, although it fit nicely I am not real fond of the yarn. It is fingering and is light weight as far as socks go, not real thick, or heavy. In all, I am satisfied with this pattern it worked ankle to toe...I plan on doing the toe up to see which way I prefer to knit socks. I hope you do try them if you've never knitted a sock there is a fantastic tutorial that will guide you all the way.

Happy Knitting this year!

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