Thursday, February 18, 2016

More Knitting

I suppose one can call me the sock lady in the neighborhood. I just seem to keep knitting more and more of them. Although this yarn has been a bit challenging.

I decided to just knit a sock on my own and it worked out really well, especially after I learned a bit more about how it works... I have been using sock weight yarn and decided to use what I had here at the house. This is Bernat yarn DK weight which I love so much more than Red Heart. I am not a fan of their yarn by all means. Bernat or Paton is my go to locally and online it's Cascades and more upscale yarns depending on what I am making. I am so proud of myself as one of my goals this year was to learn more about knitting. I am learning a ton, tricks and tips, ways to figure making my own patterns. Like this sock I learned with this DK weight Bernat Yarn on size 2 needles I knit 6.5 stitches per inch. I took it down to 6 as I tend to knit a bit loose. With my daughters ankle measurement being 8 inches in circumference I simply multiplied the number of stitches I knit which was 6... by the size of my daughters ankle which is 8. That means I would cast on 48 stitches it worked out perfect and the best thing I like about making socks is the heel...I just love it and the fact my daughter now has socks that fit perfectly. What was the challenging part it takes more time for me working with DK yarn instead of sock yarn to make a set of socks. But for me it's worth it.
Being a photographer of children at one time in my life one would think I would take more interesting photo's to display my work. I tell ya people it is often exhausting to put it all together just so the photo looks appealing. I'm not about the shot anymore I am all about the project.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Very Cozy Knitting

Following many blogs I have found many talented and creative people. Which is why I find this day and age of the internet so exciting. Growing up we didn't have all this technology we lived in our own little part of the world, in a small town and never thought about how many creative people where out there. It's kind of like sitting in your living room watching TV and nothing else exist. I'm sure you know what I am talking when the Internet came along it opened up a whole new world and allowed us to see just how many people on this place called Earth, were so incredibly talented.

Lesa, over at Home Frosting is one of them. Now she doesn't post a lot but when she does her items are amazing. Like this blanket made from Lion Brands Thick n Quick yarn and the cool part is the pattern is posted. The final touch with the Pom Pom's added a touch that said, not only cozy but fun and different. Pop on over and visit Lesa's, blog, I am sure you'll find something from knitting to furniture make overs and more...We all must be grateful for the Internet it has it's good points like connecting us to so many wonderful and creative people.