Who am I...I am Pamela, is my last name important, only to me, of course, bill collectors, and as all of us, the Government... empty nester, mother of 5, grand mother of 6, have a cat companion Bella, lover of life, creative, you have no idea...on too many levels, often, annoying. Yet, not without being grateful.

Lover of my children, grand children, of myself (took time), life, love, words, books, movies, photography, yarn and so much more...do I need to name them all. I am without a doubt, enormously in love, with chocolate, and diet pepsi.

I am a huge football fan, compulsively unorganized what's the point I say...a waste of time, precious time...oh no, I am not messy or without keeping things clean, duh...oh... how I love sleeping now that I can sleep without interruption, to sleep on my own terms is spectacular. Okay, times I do miss them, yet mostly, not.

Time alone is precious, priceless, and by all means still keeps moving faster then I thought it would...that doesn't change. it seems there is never enough.

I am free to create and be me....truest to myself...here to blog about things I create, snippets of my days, sorrows and joys in my life. We are not perfect by any means. Darn, I thought I was close...haha...not! Yet, at 60, I feel 40, and feeling, I am getting a second change to enjoy those years....not afraid...to live and tell my age. Nope, not this girl! And yes, proudly say, that is me above. Shocked...by all means...I would have never guested this is what it would look like...what a relief there is no more wondering. I am however, a child at heart and say, thank you, to her for never leaving me, after all these years.

And filled with wisdom...younger's don't care to hear...if only... I would have listen to my elders when I was young...I would have known so much more earlier than later...better late than never...as they say. I prefer...early. 

With all that said...Sit back, stop back, whatever it is you choose to do...I hope to inspire, make you laugh, smile, and by all means let you know we are all truly unique in this our own time capsule we are each given...everyday, everything, is yours to choose...and I choose Happy!