Monday, January 18, 2016

MisMatched Knitting

The weather has changed and is so conducive for knitting, although, I am not fond of this cold, crazy, weather that has us now walking outside bundled up like a well wrapped burrito. I think I'm hungry...note to self eat when finished posting. LOL! I often wonder why I still stay in this bizarre weather going from one season to another...the gloomy winter days. Yet, I still find myself here I suppose its the delightful feeling one gets when spring arrives. So I must stop complaining and enjoy the fact I can knit in the comfort of a warm home without having to run outside and check the garden. So much to do outside in the warm season kntting tends to get left stagnate, needles lying there wondering why there are collecting dust. I am not much of a knitter in the warmer seasons. I just don't like the feel of the yarn in my hands on warmer days. So be it I still love to knit!
Of course, when a pair of socks knit into a miss-matched pair of why did this happen question, then I think okay all that work and they don't match. Same die lot, same yarn and this is what happens. So I am knitting one more to see what I end up best if one disappears in the laundry (which happens and no one can explain it yet) at least I will have an extra.

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