Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Bit of This and That..

Hello young fellow...and to those who visit my blog. I thank you for popping in and apologize for not posting lately. I am a portrait photographer who knits and crochets, plus does some nature photography which landed me in the ER with an inner ear infection. Not the best kind to have by all means lends ones balance to be a bit shaky. I am finally moving around a bit and knitting, oh how I love the needles, yet, craving a bit of the hook lately too.

I am doing my very best to complete one project at a time, which started with my apartment, and came to a halt when the weather changed. This has me weaving in and out of sorts, around tubs and boxes, trying to store things I don't use and get organized. Not one of my favorite things, organizing I just don't like it, besides it doesn't stay that way for long and go figure it's just me now. I think how is this happening then I remember I love creating and that leads to messes. Which I don't have to clean up asap as I live by myself....ah, I love to do at my own pace.

 I am however still a bit crazy with the socks, it is so addicting, and so much fun! If you haven't tried it don't fear it's easier than one might think...isn't that beach just, WOW? It was warm that day yet a bit breezy and felt good just the same. I love the sound of the wind, the lake, the waves, the birds, it's all so relaxing, calmness for the soul.

I close my eyes and just listen as if blind, I want to hear what they do and more...I want to take it all in...every single splash.

Then a visitor stopped by for lunch...I was in blessed to be able to capture this moment a priceless moment indeed.

I watched as this Red Tail Hawk snagged his lunch and started to eat. So hungry he was I was able to sit within a foot and a half from him...rare it is...and so incredible to watch.

He didn't mind at all, although he did keep an eye on me at all times...I'm sure he feared I would grab his thanks..not a fan of raw fish!

I watched him for what seemed to be hours, yet sure it wasn't, just mesmerized captivated by his beauty.

Look at that...amazing isn't it? What nature gives us is truly extraordinary!

On the second day I took some feed to capture different types of birds...a titmouse. They love to take one seed at a time, fly away eat, and repeat. He stuck around for awhile.

This guy the red headed woodpecker...was more interested in the trees...the sound they make is like a thousand hammers hitting in's music to the ears.

Some say this guy, yes the male Cardinal is the pretty one as most males are in nature...when one pays a visit...someone from heaven is watching over you. Especially in your own backyard. 

On the second day, this shot out of all, was my favorite. Everything in nature was set up just perfect. A Blue Jay, a bird that is quite the nasty little fellow, he will steal eggs out of any nest. Yet at the same time he is gorgeous in his blue and white suit. 

At the end of the day I saw this feather and just had to photograph. Anyone who remembers the movie Forest Gump would know what he said about a feather..."I don't know if we each have a destiny, or if we're all just floating around accidentally, like on a breeze. Maybe it's both, maybe both are happening at the same time."
I do know for sure we are all a huge part of this planet, yet most don't see or for that acknowledge it, we just go about our day as if it's just another room a place to get from here to there...the problem...if we continue to not see that the dirt, the air, and the sun are a huge part of us, and we a part of it...we are going to continue to kill Mother Earth. Take notice how odd the weather has become, how growing veggies and flowers are dying off, sprouting too early.
It's like we are on a bus with a hundred people and about to hit a brick wall, (represent Mother Natures last chance for change) and everyone is fighitng over where they want to sit. As part of this planet, we all have a responsiblity to Mother Nature, to protect and nourish her for your children and their won't be long and it will be too late for all those children to come. Right now we are all just at a point where it's nearly too late. PLEASE take off your blinders and realize Mother Nature needs our help just as much as we have to rely, yes rely on her.

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