Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Relationship of Lies...

MY DEAR FRIEND KELLY, I write this to you... with a very different heart and clearer views. In 1990 I received a call from you, asking me to meet you at a restaurant on Route 250. We sat and caught up on our children and lives. Then you hit me with a question.." My husband is cheating with my brother's wife. My husband knows I know and now I don't know what to do." My dear friend, this is what I said.."if you can forgive him and more important live with it never mention it again...then yes." I apologize with a different but heavy heart. Women should for themselves STAND UP...and NOT SIT...when it comes to there own space take control of there own lives even in relationships. Just as we want Women to stand up in the work place and in this Country. I should have told you than to pack and run. Why, morals your morals are the highest of importance they impact your life when tampered with.. can change who you are in to many ways..and that is wrong. In return your trust compass is off and your future choices are not only a falsehood, but are growing roots of fear that everyone is the same.To tell anyone to stay with someone who cheated goes against every moral value a Woman has inside. We compromise trust and allow the lies, secrets, once emerge like roots from a tree (when found) to become a comfort zone to what we think is normal. It's not...a Women who stays with a cheater is saying " I have no morals nor do I have any value without them." And that my friend is not only a sign of weakness...its is a lie to yourself that will build a wall so huge you many never recover. Forgiveness to the cheater is off the table. Forgiveness of your own heart to move on is all that is required...lust of the heart, emotional love, physical love, etc... for another is so incredibly wrong on every moral changes the victim in far to many ways that can not be reversed. In the sub of the mind they are still there...imprinted forever if no action is taken. If this letter should change your decision now... I say... go with your heart and head held up high..knowing you can not change the can erase it with freedom to be true to yourself, morals and values. After all... this is what life is all about... a four letter word called Love...which involves all I have written. You are like every women in this Country... worth more than just winning rights in have the right to exercise all those values on to yourself. Your own personal power is just as precious as the power Women argue for in this County. You are valuable, you are worth every breathe you take..With all my love, Pamela. P.S. whenever your instincts tell you something is off or has changed about a person in a them...they are your Truth they exisit inside you for so many reasons... there to protect just you...instincts are your best and only true friend. If they tell you something is wrong, you feel a person is need to ask..once they arise you already know the answer...what you do with it is what matters the most. ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎cheating‬ ‪#‎relationships‬ ‪#‎cheaters‬‪#‎husband‬ ‪#‎wives‬ ‪#‎lies‬ ‪#‎secrets‬ ‪#‎womensrights‬

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