Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tiered Baby and Toddler Coat Progress

Hello All....hope your day is going well...the weather has been sunny and beautiful it sure is nice to see spring colors. Nature renewing herself is my favorite time of year.
I've been working this Tiered Baby and Toddler Coat by Lisa Chemery using Lion Brand Heartland. It's not the best photograph was taken with my cell phone. It is a very easy pattern and can be altered if you're up on knitting, at least a bit experienced. I am considering a Video to walk anyone who would like to make this coat to follow along.  I am going to remake it using the Cascade 128 yarn suggested and see how it turns out. This weekend the coat itself will be completed as far as knitting, however, I purchased a coordinating fabric for a lining. I made this coat in a size 4 T on number 9 needles to get the proper gauge. As soon as it's complete I will photograph (even if the lining has not been added) to give you a bit of a Tah-Dah moment.

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