Monday, November 2, 2015

Earflap Headband

I am nothing than spontaneous, popping in and out, going here and there, whenever the moment grabs me. Since the last time I posted I've been doing a bit of knitting, feels so good to be doing so. In fact, oddly enough the weather here in North East Ohio has been nothing other then beautiful, warm, and so very sunny, and nice. The weather unusually warm, trees just turning gorgeous colors, the sun shinning it's just beautiful outside.

So why then am I knitting instead of spending time outside...the knitting, is going on at night. Since the time rolled back... I guess I have to....rolled right back in the chair and have been knitting away.
I am currently working this pattern, one of many, I clip out of magazines and put in folders. This one  I had to try...sometimes the weather is just cool enough to cover the ears and it's great for my long hair when it's up in a ponytail. Yes, I do wear ponytails and my hair is much longer now then in my bio photograph. 

The earflap headband is made using Cascade Venezia Worsted yarn and quite expensive. Since I have such a large shelving unit of yarn... I decide to try it using a Lion Brand tweed. This is just a trial knitting...I always like to do this, for me, the second and so on always turn out the best. All I know it sure looks better then typical ear muffs, and, it's so fashionable.
 Don't you agree?

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