Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Tiny Visitor

I had a little visitor grand daughter Emma, 18 months old she is amazing. I am so delighted and grateful for every see your genetic roots carry on is one incredible thing to have happen in life.

Her cape was complete, it took me forever to decide what buttons. Back and forth, I just kept placing 5 different possibilities trying to decided what look suited Emma and the cape. Finally I decided on detailed metal buttons for a bit of a vintage appearance. When her dad, my son, Aaron slipped it on her we just fell in love. A cape on a little one is truly something you don't see everyday. When she stood up it was the perfect length. I am satisfied as was her mom and dad. Now I will work one in a soft pink and this time add armholes. I left one button out from the original four, I am glad I did it made a huge difference in how it hung on her tiny shoulders. This pattern is called the  Isla Cape on Ravelry by Mel Clark. It's incredible easy and so much fun to knit. I did Emma's in a 2 Toddler and in Cascade 220 Heather 2441. Currently I am working on the head bands in an earlier post.

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