Wednesday, March 9, 2016

DYI Crochet Granny Square Blocking Dock

Spring is not far off and trees are starting to bud, it's been a mild winter, yet still, I love the winter for knitting. And that I have been doing, knitting away at socks, and soon will be photographing all that I have created. I am so excited as I am learning so many new thing and ways to knit socks and things. I hope the change of season's has been good for you, having you looking forward to another season, whether winter where you are or spring, a season change is a beautiful experience. It's exciting to see what it brings. I on the other hand bring you this Granny Square Blocking Dock you can make yourself. I think it's truly a beautiful way to display the squares as they build and to keep them all in one place.

It's really rather simple and can be done in just about an hour once you've gathered all the supplies.
I found this cool project over here am so excited to share it with you. Pop on over and make one for yourself...display your beautiful work as it's created. In the meantime I am heading back to knitting socks and will share all the finished items soon. 

Have a wonderful day!

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