Monday, March 14, 2016

Raining Days for Knitting

I just photographed this an hour ago and the lighting is a simple light bulb. With the rain, it's a bit gloomy to photo shoot, yet I still like the way it shows the detail in the stitching.

I am currently closing the toe, and yes, I designed this all by myself. It took tons of times ripping it out, yet I didn't mind, as I watched LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) movie after movie...I love that about that channel and the movies are just awesome. I love a thrill ride and unexpected situations in a movie. A bit of romance at times I will turn on Lifetime Channel and it's cool for awhile, yet really, how much romance can one watch in 6 decades of life. Knowing full well the days of me being young and kissing a hard over...unless I randomly walk up to a younger man and plant one...while I would say, hell yes, he might be going.. um what!! Note to sell..this could be a really good thing to add to bucket list Ha Ha! I will be posting the pattern in easy to follow instructions.

Have a Blessed Day...and knit or crochet away!

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